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Fcsrace tubular front control arm kit. Replaces the lower ball joint with a machined 4130 shank replacement that mates to a 3/4" fk bearing uniball cup built into the a arm.. this utilizes a full range of adjustment in roll center and spindle drop +1". The adjustments for wheel base/caster angle +-1" as well as left to right +-1"

This lower control arm will work with an oem subframe or our fcsrace subframes. Our patent designed ball joints will work with any oem spindle or aftermarket units using the same Id ball joints as the oem counterpart.

Applications are Powdercoat finished and comes standard in semi gloss black, however we have many colors to choose from for an aditional 50.00 cost for color switch. Please contact us via phone or email for information on color changes.

Units are compatible with oem sway bar. No expense was spared in this kit. With a 1" spindle drop will clear a 13" wheel as well.

note: all products mfg by fcsrace will not be used on a public highway

Typically a 2 week lead time when purchased.

Sway bar provision: *
$1,299.99 6 available