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2015 summer/fall hoodie

its finally here !

super durable 100% heavy cotton will keep you warm through out the breezy cold summer nights or when you just feel like covering your fat dick

no only will you feel warm and cozy, you will look like a certified badass when wearing this pullover.

also comes with a large front pocket to hold all that cash money you make from closing deals while wearing our hoodie that automatically makes you look like you know what your talking about when your at the local car meets or the race track. Bet that.

keep in mind this is designed by konstant design, you know all the fast guys wear his shit. no doubt in a few short weeks you'll be styling with all the rest of the badasses in the industry with our hoodie.

single? no problem. when you go to the strip clubs, the florescent green accents will attract all the ladies over under the cheesy black lights they all have. your in there like swim wear. thank us later.

make sure you pick one up for your girl too if you got one, so they homies know you aint playing. every car guy wants a chick to do car guy stuff. so this is the first step, its all about respect you know what im sayin.

good look... and enjoy the new found lifestyle we bring to you.

Inspired by Kenny fucken Powers

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